About PROtherapies

Our Story

PROtherapies story began in 1989, with the old adage "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". The founders of PROtherapies; working in the medical field, envisioned wellness and preventive medicine becoming an integral part of an individual's healthcare practice. Fast forward to today, 50% of Americans are over 50 and seeking to live a healthy, active lifestyle without expensive medical intervention. PROtherapies innovative, science-based supplements do just that; as they support enhanced health and weight wellness making your vision of a healthy lifestyle a reality.

A Cut Above

What they are looking to support brain health, heart health, weight wellness, or joint care protocols, PROtherapies groundbreaking formulas are scientifically optimized to boost your energy, supercharge your metabolism, and create a full body balance for optimum health. Every product encompasses our absolute insistence on premium ingredients from a 100% sustainable sources, high efficacy, consistent potency, and guaranteed purity. Whether the focus is on a specific therapeutic need or overall health maintenance, our unique line of products combines the very finest that nature has to offer…FROM FARM TO FINISH.

Ethical Production Standards

In an age of artificially enhanced products crowding the marketplace, PROtherapies is a manufacturer you can trust. We scouted the earth for the most clinically pure ingredients, created with the highest quality control and ethical production standards. From state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we guarantee the freshest, most potent formulas produced from premium uncontaminated sources making PROtherapies formulas the most nutritionally bioavailable on the market.

Health and Wellness Tools

PROtherapies specialized team of trained and dedicated professionals boast over 27 years of experience in the health, wellness, and nutritional industry. With our combined knowledge and expertise –PROtherapies offers a myriad of scientifically designed, premium products and supplements to achieve your goals. Whether you aspire to weight wellness or an overall healthier lifestyle; PROtherapies can assist you in creating a full body balance for optimum health. Check out our blog and newsletter for the latest in cutting edge, industry-leading news, information, and practical, natural solutions for a longer, more robust life!


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