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Spend $75 or more and get 20% off + free shipping!

Vitamin B Complex

B vitamins are essential to everyday cellular function and the body’s basic energy needs. They also help convert harmful substances into safer forms and facilitate neurotransmitter production for the brain, heart and energy function.

Unlike generically dosed alternatives, PROtherapies/Nordic Natural Vitamin B Complex is certified Vegan and NON-GMO and expertly formulated to deliver ideal amounts of eight beneficial B vitamins in their active (coenzymated) forms, ready for the body to use upon consumption.

For example, Folate provided in its coenzyme form is easily absorbed in the gut and transported to the cell where it facilitates metabolic reactions. Conversely, the folic acid form of folate, found in fortified foods and supplements is absorbed 50% less than the coenzyme form. Our Vitamin B is:

- Full-spectrum B complex with biologically accessible coenzyme forms - Supports daily cellular maintenance and energizes important metabolic activities - Expertly formulated to provide physiologically meaningful doses of each B vitamin - Includes MTHF, methylcobalamin, P5'P, and R5'P

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